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Lentil balls in gravy

Paruppu urundai Kuzhambu (lentil balls in gravy)

This is a South Indian specialty dish, from the state of Tamilnadu. It is very nutritiousness with plant based protein from the lentils and added spices for better digestion and reducing gas and bloating from the lentils if any.

It has all the tastes from the lentils (sweet and astringent), tamarind (sour), salt, curry leaves and fenugreek in the sambhar powder (bitter) and spices (pungent). The asafoetida which is a resin commonly used in typical south indian dishes helps with bloating and gas control.

The prep time includes the time it takes for soaking the lentils. Not counting that the total time is only about 45 minutes. In the North they make something similar called moong vadi which is available in Indian stores as dried balls. Those are made with moong beans. However, making it fresh has its own value and energetics that is nourishing for the body.


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