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Seasonal Routine - Practical tips for Fall/Autumn

As we have entered the fall season from September you will start to notice more dryness in the skin, nose, lips, feet etc. Ayurveda talks about the importance of self care with the change of seasons. Although we know these changes are happening we don’t always know how to transition in a healthy manner. Ayurveda gives tools very specific to use to make the transition of seasons smoother to keep our body, mind and spirit balanced and energized. It starts with choosing warm, nourishing and grounding foods like root veggies, spices, soups and chilli. Herbal teas would help warm us up and improve digestion during this season. Avoid raw veggies or cold foods and beverages to maintain balance and prevent joint aches and pains. Lifestyle should be stress free with daily routine, activity, yoga/pranayama if you know it, oil massage and enjoying some time in the outdoors but well protected from the cold wind and dry atmosphere.

I have shared these tips in my youtube channel.

🍁 Learn about diet suggestions for adapting to the changing season from summer to fall

🍁 Learn about lifestyle to balance the cold and dry season ahead

🍁 Ayurveda gives specific recommendations

🍁 Classic texts talk about 6 seasons.

🍁 This video is more relevant to the temperate regions with 4 seasons

🍁 See how nature already provides us the right foods

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