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Spicy Cream of Rice Breakfast in Instant Pot

This is a traditional South Indian dish made in the instant pot for convenience. It is usually slow cooked in a brass pot in Tamil Nadu. With the time that we live in looking for faster and easier ways to cook this recipe offers a quicker way to make.

The traditio

nal cream of rice upma recipe does not have lentils, but adding lentils decreases the glycemic index making it more suitable for people with diabetes as long as one sticks to the portion sizes. If the cream of rice is dry roasted prior to cooking it can make it lighter and less starchy which is a good option if you have diabetes.

It is grounding and satisfying due to its sweet taste.

Spices added to it like cumin, black pepper and mustard seeds not only add flavor but help with digestion and metabolism. The asafoetida or hing added helps with any gas and bloating aiding in digestion further.

This can be eaten for breakfast or lunch.This is generally done if made on New moon day when the cooling energy is dominant and digestion maybe be impacted and sluggish.


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