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Easy Instant Pot Quinoa Kitchadi (Quinoa moong beans casserole)

Easy Instant Pot Quinoa Kitchadi (Quinoa moong beans casserole)


Kitchadi is a typical Indian dish with several recipes possible and usually made with a combination of basmati rice and moong beans (dal) in equal proportion. This is considered to be light and digestive because according to Ayurveda basmati rice is one of the most easily digested grain. However, everyone may not have that experience. I have found using Quinoa as a substitute makes it lighter and serves as a good comfort food when made hot, fresh and somewhat soupy, especially when I feel my digestive fire or metabolism is a little low. I add veggies and spices to make it a one pot meal. It has all 6 tastes which makes it very nourishing and a complete meal in itself. Using Quinoa helps keep the blood sugar under control if you are a diabetic and low in calories if you are trying to lose weight. Eating 2 servings of this recipe adds to only 150 calories, while being very satisfying! Use oil instead of ghee if you are Vegan.

Try and enjoy!


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