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6 Tastes Spring Salad

Spring time is finally here. The weather is warming up and time to add some salad in the mix to cool down. Lately I have been craving salads and made this recipe. According to Ayurveda when the kapha is melting its good to eat some bitter, pungent and astringent foods to conform to Nature's . It has all the 6 tastes including bitter from the greens and walnuts, pungent from black pepper, sweet from carrots, sour from the lemon juice, astringent from the spinach and walnuts and salt naturally in the cheese. Eating 6 tastes in a meal gives satisfaction for all the taste buds that it keeps away cravings. Bitter and astringent foods help with detoxifying the body. This salad is great for Pitta balance and reducing the heat in the body, in turn reducing inflammation.

It is heavy on the fat since I wanted a keto recipe with high fat and low carb. The fat content keeps us full for a long time and raw foods take a long time to digest. So it gives satiety and curbs hunger all day. But you can certainly reduce the fat by cutting down on the cheese or oil. When you eat raw veggies it takes a long time to chew, one of the important behavior modification techniques for weight loss, chew more eat less. This recipe was a large portion, so can be split into 2 servings easily if used as a side.

The bonus after eating this the last 4 days is I have lost 5 lbs and never expected that pleasant surprise! Enjoy with your own combinations. Enjoy the spring weather!

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