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Plant based protein and fiber rich recipe

Often patients ask me, "how can I get enough protein without eating meat". They are often told by their son or daughter that they need to add protein shakes or protein powder to increase their intake of protein or to control their Blood sugar. Media also advocates high protein low carb for weight loss. I have had these situations presented to me during counseling.

While it is true that eating a higher proportion of protein in a meal lowers the glycemic index of the meal, it doesn't have to be only through animal products. Plant based protein in food is just as effective and even more so due to the fiber content, which keeps you full longer, and regular in bowel movements as well.

Dealing with a lot of renal patients, I find it difficult to recommend dry beans and peas as a source of protein due to the high potassium content but considering that animal protein increases their urea and creatinine levels significantly, overloading their kidneys to work harder to get rid of the toxins, beans do provide a better alternative.

In the end as Ayurveda points out, its not just what you eat but also what you digest. Adding spices, lemon juice and ginger to recipes with beans, enhances their flavor without having to add a lot of salt while suppressing the gas or bloating that may occur for some people. Spices also help with better digestion.

So try this recipe for a satisfying meal accompanied by bread, Indian breads such as chappati, naan or paratha, quinoa, millet or even rice in small quantities. This was made in an instant pot with ready made ingredients to save time for those busy people out there. This can certainly be adapted to make with fresh beans soaked overnight and cooked in the pressure cooker. When using canned beans make sure you drain them and rinse them a couple of times to remove the excess salt and maybe even some potassium if you have kidney issues. The nutrition information provided is a rough estimate.

Quick Triple bean chili/masala in instant pot

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