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Breathing for PRANA or Life Force

In this day and age of technology and fast paced lifestyle, most of us forget to do what is basic for our existence, Breathing. Sure, we are breathing automatically but most of our breath is so shallow. Deep breathing has several benefits and helps control anxiety, stress and fear. It gives mental clarity, focus and concentration. Prana Vata is the life energy responsible for the movements in the body. It moves around the body via channels called Nadis and there are said to be about 72,000 of them per ancient literature. Prana maya kosha is one of the five sheets of the energetic body. It connects the gross physical body with the subtle body consisting of mind and intellect.

Prana enters the body through food, water and breath. Ayurveda encourages us to eat fresh foods that are prepared with love to give us the best source of Prana for healthy living. Leftovers, refrigerated and frozen foods and stale foods rob us of our energy since they lack Prana.

Just as important as food is our breathing, to keep the channels open and prana moving without blockages. Pranayama is a technique prescribed for this purpose.

Alternate nostril breathing or Nadi Suddhi Sodhana or cleansing breath is excellent to remove any blockages and keep us alert and healthy in body, mind and spirit. Regular practice of Pranayama will provide tremendous benefits and keep one energized throughout the day. Following is a picture with instructions to follow. CONSISTENCY is the key. Knowing is one thing but being disciplined about it is very important.


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